News Link Viral 3 Year Old Wakes Up At Her Own Funeral – News Link Viral 3 Year Old Wakes Up At Her Own Funeral. In this discussion, we’ll look at the current resurrection, where the 3-year-old virus wakes up in its own funeral. What information are discussed by Internet users. News came from Mexico, where a hospital pronounced the baby dead, but the little girl was seen breathing as she was buried. Read more: Virus Istri Polisi Selinguhang Dengan Anak Kades Di Gerebek Tengah Mendiyan Huphangan Intim

As soon as this post appeared, it quickly gained popularity and became a hot topic among Internet users. For those who are interested in all the details, don’t worry as we will provide them below.

Dead 3 Year Old Wakes Up At Her Own Funeral

Earlier this month, a 3-year-old girl in Mexico was found at a funeral and pronounced dead. Camelia’s family was taken to Salinas de Hidalgo Primary Community Hospital on August 17 due to dehydration. The girl developed fever, stomach pain and vomiting.

Camilla reportedly took paracetamol and was discharged from hospital. But Camilla’s parents saw her condition deteriorating and doctors urged them to take their daughter back to Salinas de Hidalgo Primary Community Hospital because her own methods were not helping her.

Camellia’s mother claims hospital staff ignored her daughter during her second visit. He said it took them a long time to get oxygen and they struggled to get IV fluids.

The traumatized mother said Camilla was eventually taken to a room Merry couldn’t reach. The hospital later pronounced the 3-year-old girl dead. The next day, at Camilla’s funeral, Peralta noticed water droplets on the lid of her daughter’s glass casket.

Peralta suggested Camilla was still breathing, but others said she was hallucinating because she was abandoned by her relatives. Camilla’s grandmother then noticed that the little girl’s eyes were moving. According to reports, the girl was pronounced dead with a heart rate of 97 beats per minute. Camille was then taken back to hospital where she was pronounced dead a second time.


That’s all we can say about the viral 3-year-old who wakes up at his own funeral. Hope the information above helps those who are looking for it.

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