Download NSWhatsApp and the Install Tutorial (Newest Version)

Currently, many people use modified WhatsApp even though this version of WA is not officially released. However, there are still many who are curious to use it. Especially with the many types of WA mods that have sprung up, one of which is NSWhatsApp.

If you want to use a modified WA, you should understand the risks that may occur. To minimize it, one of them is by choosing the WA mod version that updates frequently. Thus, the potential for an account to be banned is smaller.

Review NSWhatsApp

It is important to remember that there is actually no modified WA that is 100% safe from the risk of being banned. This possibility still exists considering that the modified WA application is indeed illegal. However, the WA mod is often a solution for better privacy settings.

NSWhatsApp is a type of WA mod which is of course deliberately modified from the official WhatsApp. The features in it are quite interesting so they are no less worth trying than other WA mods.

This WA mod is getting more and more fans. Many features that were previously limited become unlimited when using this chat application. Basically, this modified application is intended for Android users.

Not only is the interface charming, but the features in it can be thumbs up. For those of you who like more privacy, this WA mod can be an option.

NSWhatsApp Featured Features

1. Display Features (Interface)


One of the reasons why many people are curious about the WA mod is because they are bored with the same official WA appearance. Meanwhile, through the WA mod, you can change the theme at will. Included in NSWhatsApp which provides a fairly complete and free theme.

In addition, there is a choice of unique and charming fonts and styles. No wonder the text from the chat that you see will be more interesting. No need for additional applications to use it, users can directly select it in this WA mod application.

2. Fitur Anti Banned


This one feature is important to take into account because it will affect your continuity in using WhatsApp. The NSWhatsApp developers themselves have done application updates quite often.

As is well known, application updates are indeed important for security reasons and for better feature updates.

2. Hiding Online Status


When caught online, not a few feel disturbed by certain chats. Well, on the official WhatsApp you can’t get rid of it because the feature is not yet available. Therefore, the use of this WA mod can be the solution.

3. Unlimited Video Submission


On the official WhatsApp, you can only send videos of a few MB in size. Even though there are times when users also need to send videos in a larger size. Interestingly, this WA mod does not have a video size limit.

Then you don’t have to worry anymore if you want to send a longer video to your relatives or friends.

4. Custom Chat Filter


This mod app provides a feature to filter custom chats. So, you will have no trouble if you have to search for a particular chat. Through this filter, the time to search for sinking chats can be saved even more.

5. Fitur Auto Reply


This one feature might remind you of WhatApp Business. Well, this WA mod also allows users to use the automatic reply feature. This feature is perfect for those who have an online business.

You can make auto reply sentences in the form of welcome to store A and so on. That way, you don’t have to bother replying in the same way over and over again.

6. Scheduled Message Feature


This feature can be used for various purposes. For example, when it’s a friend’s birthday but you often forget the correct date. To be able to say at the right time, you can use this scheduled message.

Users just need to set up a chat containing the words they want to send through this feature. Next, choose the right time so that the chat can be sent automatically according to the specified schedule.

7. Enable Do Not Disturb Mode


There must be times when one doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone for a while. Including when he doesn’t want to reply to anyone’s WhatsApp. Therefore, you can take advantage of this do not disturb mode as the right choice.

Later, there will be no WA that will be seen when you do other activities. How, very easy to do to focus on work right?

8. Frequent and Fast Updates


This WA mod includes those that get quick updates from the developer. This is important to note for convenience when using the WA mod. If an application is rarely updated, it will be prone to errors and missing features.

Download the Latest Anti Banned NSWhatsApp 2021


After understanding the various advantages offered by this WA mod, maybe you want to have it right away. Make sure to get it on a trusted site. No need to worry, here is the download link that has been provided to use the NSWhatsApp application.

Download NSWhatsApp

No NSWhatsApp Apk
Size 48.75 MB
OS Android 4.1 up
Version v8.86

How to Install NSWhatsApp on Android

Before installing this modified application on your cellphone, you should first pay attention to the Android specifications that are used. In order to run properly, at least the Android smartphone used meets the following criteria.

  • Using Android OS version at least 4.1 (Jelly Bean).
  • Minimum RAM size of 1 GB.

In addition, the Android used does not need to be rooted first if you want to install this application. Please note that this application is not from the Playstore so you will find a little different steps when installing it.

  • The first step, please click the link Download NSWhatsApp which has been provided above.
  • Wait until the download process is complete, usually this depends on the internet connection on the cellphone.
  • If so, click the file that has been downloaded successfully.
  • A warning will appear that this application is from an unknown source.
  • Enable the unknown sources option first by opening the Settings menu.
  • Next, tap
  • Enable toggle Unknown Source.


  • Go back to the downloaded file.
  • Perform the installation as usual.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete, you should not switch to another application first until the installation is complete.
  • If so, open the application.

If you do the download and install steps correctly, you can immediately open NSWhatsApp. Later, a login menu will be displayed using the WhatsApp number you have. In addition, you can also register for a new WA account.

Don’t forget to backup your data first if you want to use the old number. Thus, chat history, contacts, and calls will not be lost. After that, you just have to do a restore so that the data reappears in the WA mod that has been installed.

How, are you interested in using this type of WA mod? Basically, this WA mod does have its own advantages. You will feel it yourself if you have installed it on your phone.

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