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Cards are an integral part of Back4Blood. After all, they offer unique effects and perks that you can’t get anywhere else. In the latest version of Children of the Worm DLC, there are many new cards that you can collect.

Each of them features a new set of effects that will sometimes change the way you play drastically. Let’s take a look at what these cards are.

All-new card guide for Back 4 Blood

There are a total of 11 new cards in the new Children of the Worm DLC. They are as follows:

Experimental steroids

This talent-type card allows you to create a smoke cloud in a radius of 10 meters. Any teammate who enters his radius will receive a 15% increase in damage and a 25% increase in reload speed. This will replace the accessory slot and will cost 40 ammo to activate.

Fill the lead completely

Another talent-type card, this card offers slight increases in damage, fire rate, and exchange speed per 0.25 seconds. Although the bonuses look very simple, they can stack up to 20 which is very easy as you can get 4 stacks per second.

Put out the fire

Next up is Suppressing Fire, a talent-type card that gives you a chance to slow down nearby Riddens when colliding with Ridden with LMGs and Snipers. The effect lasts for 5 seconds with a slow effect of 50% which is very useful in different situations.

Experimental stun gun

A utility-type card, the Experimental Stun Gun lets you stun nearby enemies every 10 seconds. Just like the pilot alarms, this also replaces your accessory slot and costs 20 ammo to activate.

broken frequency

This ability type card works best for support because it reduces incoming damage to nearby teammates for 7 seconds. However, it can only support up to two allies. It also replaces your accessory slot and costs 30 ammo to activate.

Expired T5

Another ability type card, expired T5 that replaces your accessory slot and costs 50 ammo to activate. It basically creates a cloud that deals fire damage to Weakspots per second. It has a very huge radius of 10 meters, and the effect can last up to 8 seconds.

Ultrasound wound treatment

This card is an ability type booster card that heals nearby teammates at a rate of 1 health per second over the course of 7 seconds. It costs 40 ammo to activate and replace your accessory slot.

going out with a bang

Out with a Bang is a talent-type card that gives you one extra life. Apart from that, it also has a team effect where every time one of your teammates gets incapacitated, they will drop a live pipe bomb. This effect applies to you, too.

AI assistant unit

An ability-type card that gives you a 5% chance to activate item reuse. The chance increases by 10% each time you use an item and resets to the base percentage when the effect starts. It also replaces your accessory slot and costs 20 ammo to use.


Belligerent is a talent-type card that increases damage by 5% when summoning a horde. This damage increase can be accumulated up to 5 times for a total of 25%. However, you will end up losing all of your stacks if you take damage from Riddens.

food scavenger

Finally, we have the Food Scavenger which is the kind of talent card that puts food in the world. Using these nutrients will restore 3 healthy items, and you can find a handful of them.

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