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The Snack Video Mod application – is one of the short video platforms for social media, lately which has attracted a lot of attention from various circles of course.

Due to the many features offered, the play store application has been downloaded by more than 100 million users.

We know that there are still users who are not satisfied with the features offered. Until finally they looked for the Snack Video Mod application which he said had more features.

We take this opportunity to tell you everything related to social networks.

But before that, there are a few things you should consider or know.

If you’ve ever used Tiktok, it’s like a Video Snack App. Both applications have the same function. In other words, short video-based social media.

The provision of video content that can be enjoyed for free is the main attraction. Joyo Technology Pte.

Besides being used to share videos and watch videos, snack videos can also be used to earn income.

With the function of coins that can be generated by watching videos, they can be used for various purposes, and it is also possible to convert them into money with predetermined conversions.

Unfortunately, some content is unavailable or limited to certain settings. This is one of the reasons why many people use Snack Video mod apk.

Reviews About Snack Video Mod Aplikasi

You need to know that the Snack Video mod App is a platform that provides several short videos. This app is third party, so it’s great in terms of functionality.

The videos offered are very diverse, ranging from tutorials, jokes, and aesthetic content. This will allow users to use this app more comfortably.

As explained, this app is very similar to tiktok, so videos are broadcast in no time. Although the duration is short, it will still be very interesting and interesting.

I think there are still many people who forget what time they watch videos just by using this app. Even more interesting, you can also participate in the creation of this snack video mod apk content.

Of course, if you want to create content, you must first get an account and register. Once all this is done, creating and uploading videos is easy.

What’s more interesting is that the video snack mod apk can make rupiah money. It also offers various ways for users to earn money daily by visiting this app.

One easy way to make money is to upload as many videos as possible. And if you get lots of likes and comments, money will be collected from there.

But there are many other ways to earn money with this snack video mod apk app. As a snack video user, you will definitely benefit from this news.

Snack video mod apk can be used as a side income, so getting it is easy and simple. Of course, all you need to make money with this app is your phone.

How interesting is this Snack Video mod apk. Besides that, this mod version also includes some cool features. Well, if you are interested, see the information below.

Snack Video Mod App Features

Snack Video Mod App Features

Among the shortcomings, some applications have been modified by third parties. Renamed, which means something changed internally. This is also why this app is classified as illegal and unofficial from the original developer.

However, it has more comprehensive features that many people want to discover and use. What are the features of the Snack Video mod apk in question? Read more!

1. Unlimited Coins

Unlimited Coins or Unlimited Coins is the main feature provided by third party developers who are better known as mods.

Now you can use it for various purposes. You can also watch videos and premium content. The main condition is that you have to pay in virtual currency first.

This feature is also known as multi coin snack video mod apk so you don’t have to worry about watching videos just to get coins.

2. Unlimited Videos

Another equally important feature is the ability to watch videos without restrictions. Even if you just created an account, you can still use this feature if you are using the mod version of the app.

This feature is often criticized by users, so you no longer have to complain about the limited number of videos you can watch.

3. Unlimited Followers

The more followers you have, the more popular you will be, at least online.

People who are called content creators are very dependent on their subscribers. The advantage is that subscribers are notified when a new video is uploaded.

If you are a content creator, you definitely need a lot of subscribers to increase the chances that every video you upload will be watched.

Fortunately Snack Video mod apk has these advantages and you don’t have to worry about finding customers, especially since the method is very difficult.

4. Make Money

This feature is actually available in the official version as well. This is also one of the reasons why many people use this social media app.

The method is very simple. First, you have to create an account as the main condition. So watch as many short videos as possible.

You earn coins every time you watch a video. The more coins you collect, the better your chances of earning money from snack videos.

Apart from that, you can also become a content creator. Videos that are widely downloaded and watched are the main factor in getting coins that can be exchanged for Rupees.

5. Small App Size

In contrast to using the official version with a file size above 100MB, for the latest Snack Video mod apk there are only about 60MB files.

For those who do not have more storage space, of course this is one of the advantages.

Snack video mod apk without watermark

This is probably the reason why many users switch to the modded version. In this mod version, you can realize the video function without watermark when saving on the device.

As is known, Snack Video allows users to save or download videos from the application. However, this feature has its drawbacks. In other words, the watermark exists.

6. No Root

Some of the modified apps require a rooting process before they can be installed on your device. This is generally suspect due to the process of changing all factory settings.

Especially if the warranty period does not apply. Interestingly, you don’t have to do this if you’re using the Snack Video mod. Just download the file and install it directly on your device.

Download the Snack Video Mod 2022 Application

Download the Snack Video Mod 2022 Application

Interested in all the features and benefits offered, please upgrade to the modified version. But the first thing it does is download the file first.

For the original version, of course, it’s easy to get on the playstore. Now, the mod version is only available on certain online sites. Here we also provide the Snack Video Mod download link below:

Apk Name Snack Video Mod Apk
Category Video Players & Editors
Support 4.3
Size 30 MB

>>Link Download Aplikasi

How to Install the Snack Video Mod Application

Actually, the way to install this mod application is the same as any other mod application. Its purpose is to allow installation from unknown sources.

Of course, it is not surprising that some people do not know this, especially for those who are installing applications outside the Playstore for the first time.

Therefore, we also provide the following tempting Snack Video mod apk installation method.

  • Make sure the app is downloaded and saved on your device.
  • Open the settings menu.
  • Go to advanced settings.
  • Select Security & Privacy.
  • See the “Unknown Sources” section.
  • Open your file manager.
  • Find the previously downloaded apk file.
  • Click the file and select Install on the notification that appears.

How to Register Video Snacks to Earn Money

After successfully getting and installing the Snack Video mod apk, log in or create an account. This is one of the main requirements when using the app on the phone.

You can also get Rupee Chests by registering or logging in this way. Well, if you are interested, just follow the complete tutorial below.

  • The first tutorial can go directly to the installed application
  • If there is, tap the menu list quickly
  • Now, you will be asked to enter your complete personal data
  • Then enter your personal data like name, address, etc.
  • Then tap Continue to proceed to the next step
  • There you will be asked to enter an active mobile number
  • Enter your mobile number and press send
  • Video Snack will send an OTP code to your number
  • Then enter the number and press enter
  • Wait until it connects successfully
  • The last time you logged in to Snack Video

Tricks To Get Money In The Snack Video Mod App Quickly

As mentioned above, this snack video mod application can generate coins that can be turned into money in rupiah. However, here are some tricks or tips:

1. Login Every Day

The first tip is that you can login to this snack video mod application every day. Because doing this will earn you extra coins and these coins will be exchanged for desired money or rupees.

2. Watch as many videos as you can

The next tip is to watch a lot of videos in the app. It also has the potential to earn you tons of coins, so you can easily redeem them for the money you’re looking for.

3. Share Code With Friends

The next most powerful tip and earn more coins is to share your video snack code with your friends. This method is the most used because it gives you a lot of coins.

4. Complete Daily Missions

Finally, you can also complete the daily missions provided by the snack video mod application. This mission has the effect of generating a large number of coins, which can be exchanged directly for rupiah.


Those were some explanations about the snack video mod application from reviews to download links. Hopefully the above review is useful for users who are actively playing videos on this video snack application.

If you still don’t understand something, read on again. We hope our review helps those who are looking for more information or need a download link of this mod app.

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